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Is God Like Tom Izzo?

The portrait of the ‘justifiably angry’ coach is one that most Americans are familiar with. I would argue that one of the main reasons we find this behavior justified is precisely because this is the same way we view God.

All You Need Is Love

God’s love is not your mother’s love. It is not your father’s love. It is not the love of a spouse or the love of a parent.  Yes. There are things about God’s love that are like all of those loves. But God’s love is wholly other than any earthly love. That’s the definition of […]

Will Your Heavenly Body Be Perfect?

I recently heard someone say “I can’t wait until I get my new body.” They were referring to the idea that when Jesus returns we will receive a brand new body (see 1 Corinthians 15). The Bible says that the resurrection of Jesus was the prototype for our own resurrection. When Jesus was resurrected, he […]

What the #%&@!

What the hell? Why do Evangelicals have such a problem with cursing? Does the Bible say that we shouldn’t cuss? Who decided what words are curse words? Where did cursing come from? Who picked certain words to be “bad” and others to be “good”? Words are various combinations of letters. Nothing more. Where do they […]

Benefit of the Doubt

Despite what most Evangelicals believe, there actually are benefits to doubting our faith. Doubt starts the search for truth. Doubt has led to the discovery of fake healers and nonexistent miracles (looking at you, Peter Popov). Doubt has also led to the discovery of genuine miracles and legitimate healings. Doubt can be a helpful tool […]


Evangelicals have a sex problem. The big three Evangelical sins are sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. But the greatest (sin) of these is sex. Growing up Evangelical, sex was taboo. You weren’t supposed to talk about anything sexual. No questions about sex; no mention of sex; no sexual thoughts; no movies with sex, no […]

Saving Sunday

Before the megachurch, the primary focus on Sundays was discipleship. The church existed primarily for the members. And when the church becomes focused on its members, it easily turns into denominational clubs. Insulated Isolated Ineffective Dying As church attendance declined, the mission of the church was in jeopardy. Something had to be done. Megachurches As […]

How Evangelicals Produced Bad Evangelism

Evangelicals have severely damaged Christian evangelism Christianity began as a grassroots movement, and in many ways, it still is. Word of mouth is the best way to spread the news about anything. The faith of Christ followers is no exception. In fact, some of the last words Jesus ever said while He was on earth […]

New Sermon : Water in the Wasteland

When we find ourselves in a spiritual wasteland, that is when we will discover that God is with us and he will meet our needs with his extravagant love. Click on the link below and then click on “Water in the Wasteland.”   Sermon Archive

5 Reasons to Go to Church

About six years ago our family stopped attending church for a few months. I was feeling worn out, disillusioned (whatever that means) or some other label that you could put on it. The real answer to all of it was quite simply, pride. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had grown to […]

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