Life or Death

I think we get death wrong because we get life wrong. Is the point of life to escape death? We often try to do things to “cheat” death. But you can’t. It will catch up to you. You might be able to delay it or fight it but ultimately you will succumb to it. We […]

Grief Defined

The word “grief” comes from a Latin word that means “heavy burden.” Yep It is a derivative of the Latin word for “grave.” The irony of grief is that it starts with death (typically), and yet those who grieve feel like they are in a grave. Is it possible to be in a grave and still walking around? […]

The Other Side of Grief

The antonym (opposite) of “grief” is “joy.” The antonym of “sad” is “happy.” Happiness is one of the manifestations of joy. Sadness is one of the manifestations of grief. You can have joy without being happy just like you can have grief without being sad. It seems strange that you can grieve without being sad, […]

A Grieving God – Part 2

Death and the grief that follows were never part of God’s original plan. We often attribute death to God or blame God for it, but that was never His intention. His original intention was eternal life without pain. In fact, we know there was a “tree of life” in the garden of Eden, yet Adam […]

A Grieving God

“Jesus Wept” (John 11:35). This is the shortest verse in the whole bible. You might also say that it is one of the most efficient verses as well. There may be no other verse that contains this much information per word. In only two words, I have found great comfort. There has been much disagreement […]

War Wounds

Note: My wife passed away on June 25, 2015. God did not kill my wife. In fact, I believe He is grieving with me and my pain is His pain. After all, He does understand loss. The power of the Cross is that death is a transition; death leads to a waiting period that occurs […]

The Long Shores of Grief

Spent some time at Lake Huron today. I was on the eastern side of Michigan and stood on the beach looking out at the Lake. Across the Lake is Canada. Although I know this geographically, looking at the water it looked like it never ended. If not for a map, I would assume by my […]

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