When The Battle Is Not Yours – Sermon

We can usually handle the daily battles in our life, but what do you do when it’s a giant and you have no idea how to fight it? Have you ever been in a valley and lost hope? This message is for you….   Sermon Archive

Stop Following the Bible

Everyone Interprets the Bible Everyone….yes, everyone, interprets the Bible. The idea of “the plain meaning of the Scripture” is nonsense. There is no such thing. “The plain meaning of Scripture” is used by a lot of Christians to say that we should just take the Bible for what it says without seeing if there is […]

4 Myths About Prayer

Myth #1: Prayer is ALL you have to do   Prayer is powerful. Prayer changes things. Prayer makes a difference. But prayer alone is not the only answer. Yes, sometimes all you can do is pray because the situation is out of your control, but most of the time, prayer is the beginning and the […]

How Church Flight Hurts Our Inner Cities

I worked as a youth pastor at a church when I was about 20 years old. The church was founded in Detroit and had grown to become one of the largest churches in the city. In the 1960’s, the church had moved from the city of Detroit to a nearby suburb. In fact, many churches […]

3 Myths About the Eagles’ Super Bowl Win

If you have been on social media at all since the Super Bowl (or a few days before), you have seen articles or videos about the Christian faith of many of the Eagles’ players and their coach, Doug Pedersen. I’ve enjoyed reading and viewing some of these: Nick Foles wants to be a pastor when […]

All Things Are NOT Possible Through Prayer

Are all things really possible? There is so much self-help, inspirational and spiritual “stuff” out there that talks about believing and achieving the impossible. But is all of it true? I suppose it’s just the cynic in me, but aren’t there just some things that are impossible? I understand that there are a LOT of things we […]

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