How Evangelicals Have Failed in Politics

I was a student at Liberty University during the last days of the Moral Majority. On Sundays, I would attend the famous Thomas Road Baptist Church to hear the founder of the Moral Majority, Rev. Jerry Falwell, give one of his sermons on live television to a nationwide audience. It was an intoxicating and entertaining […]

How Small Churches Make the Biggest Impact

The Long Tail In Chris Anderson’s book, “The Long Tail” he talks about the part of the economy that is now accessible to everyone. His premise is that retail used to be all about “hits.” These were the only things people bought because the hits were the only thing they were aware of. Because of […]

Stop Seeking Forgiveness

Forgiveness For years, every night before I went to bed, I would spend time thinking about every sin I had committed and asking God to forgive me for each of them individually. Then, I would ask for forgiveness for any sins I had committed that I did not know about or had forgotten about. Evangelicals told […]

DANGER: No Trespassing

No Trespassing When I was in college, I went with a few of my friends to a nearby quarry where you could jump off cliffs into the water.  To get to the quarry we had to climb over a fence. The fence had a sign that said “No Trespassing.” Like all good Christians at a […]

The Bible Does Not Have All the Answers

There are many things in the Bible that we don’t believe take literally Here are two examples: The earth has four corners (Revelation 7:1) The earth is held up by pillars (1 Samuel 2:8) Of course, there are no pillars holding up the earth, and we know that the earth is not flat, so it […]

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