Sermon – The Power of Weakness

Below is the audio from my latest sermon (The Power of Weakness). I talk about how in the Kingdom of God, weakness is actually the key to the having God’s power in your life. Check it out.

What Happens When Evangelicals React to Culture

  So much of Evangelicalism is about reacting. Much of what Evangelicals do is simply a reaction to culture. This has been one of the main issues with religion in general, and Evangelicalism specifically. The models of the modern institutionalized church in America are each a reaction to either the secular culture or church culture […]

The Backward Slide of Faith

“Backsliding” When I was a kid, our church talked about a certain group of people who were “backslidden.” Most Evangelicals are familiar with the term, “backslider” or “backsliding.” It means that a Christian has “lost their way” or are “far from God.” I always though sliding backwards was pretty fun, so it took me a […]

You Are (Probably) a Good Person

Are You Really Totally Depraved?   Most Evangelicals have been taught that humans are totally depraved. Meaning, “there is no one who does good, not one” (Romans 3:23). If you are a Calvinist, then you probably know that “Total depravity of man” is the first letter in the Calvinist doctrine acrostic – TULIP. The Bible […]

A Cheat Sheet on Ordination

I was once asked to be part of an ordination service. My friend was being ordained by the Baptist church he worked at and since I had been ordained, he asked me to be on the “ordination council.” Each person on the council had a different doctrine or doctrines that they were supposed to question […]

Resurrection Happens After Easter

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not the only one mentioned in the Bible. In fact, there are several stories of resurrection. One of the most recognized is the resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus is in another part of Israel when he finds out that his friend Lazarus is sick. Lazarus’ sisters (also partners with Jesus […]

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