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Four Questions About Independence Day

It’s almost Independence Day. The day we celebrate our independence from Britain. It’s worth noting that both the British and the Colonists believed they were following God’s will and both sides fought believing God was on their side. In order to achieve our independence from the tyrant king, we invaded this land and attempted to […]

What Separates Evangelical Preachers from Jim Jones?

This week I finished reading a book about Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple, and Jonestown (The Road to Jonestown by Jeff Guinn). It was a great book with detailed insight into the actions of Jim Jones and Peoples Temple. One thing became very clear to me in reading this book: The line between fundamentalist preachers […]

Five Minutes of Sex

Sex is designed to be a spiritual covenant. Understanding that changes everything. Evangelicals have always held that being a virgin when you get married is the true “notch in the belt” when it comes to sex. It was also clear that sex before marriage was a sin equal to rejecting the free gift of salvation. […]

New Sermon – Butterfly DNA

Click on the link below and listen to “Butterfly DNA.” You will discover your true identity in Christ and find that you are not a caterpillar who is striving to be a butterfly, but you are a butterfly who still looks and acts like a caterpillar.   Sermon Archive  

New Sermon – “The Narrow Way”

Click the link below and listen to my latest message – “The Narrow Way” Sermon Archive

Lies We Believe About God

This conversation between Brian Zahnd and Wm. Paul Young is excellent and a MUST watch/listen for any eXvangelical. Click Here.    

Sermon – The Power of Weakness

Below is the audio from my latest sermon (The Power of Weakness). I talk about how in the Kingdom of God, weakness is actually the key to the having God’s power in your life. Check it out.

What Happens When Evangelicals React to Culture

  So much of Evangelicalism is about reacting. Much of what Evangelicals do is simply a reaction to culture. This has been one of the main issues with religion in general, and Evangelicalism specifically. The models of the modern institutionalized church in America are each a reaction to either the secular culture or church culture […]

The Backward Slide of Faith

“Backsliding” When I was a kid, our church talked about a certain group of people who were “backslidden.” Most Evangelicals are familiar with the term, “backslider” or “backsliding.” It means that a Christian has “lost their way” or are “far from God.” I always though sliding backwards was pretty fun, so it took me a […]

You Are (Probably) a Good Person

Are You Really Totally Depraved?   Most Evangelicals have been taught that humans are totally depraved. Meaning, “there is no one who does good, not one” (Romans 3:23). If you are a Calvinist, then you probably know that “Total depravity of man” is the first letter in the Calvinist doctrine acrostic – TULIP. The Bible […]

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